About Us

Dr. Anand Patil is a well-known professional Consultant Psychiatrist in Nashik who treats all types of psychological illness and gives his best treatment to all the people who consult him.

Dr. Anand Patil received his MBBS degree from Grant Medical College, JJ Hospital and did MD in Psychiatry from TNMC, Nair Hospital, Mumbai.

His practice involves the diagnosis and treatment of the psychiatric illness in both in- and out- patient settings. Good listening skills and giving tailor made treatment to all his patients is the hallmark of Dr. Anand Patil’s approach. He has a mutual respect, understanding and acceptance approach towards his patients, with the goal of empowering them to handle the situation that they are in.

For rest of India and abroad patients, online consultation is available between 11am to 2pm IST. Send a WhatsApp msg "online therapy" to

Mind Matters

Dr. Anand has formed an organization named “Mind Matters” for the facilitation of positive mental health. It deals with “mind matters” in various ways doing workshops for every segment of the society; afterall mind “matters”.

Some of the activities of “Mind Matters” include:
  • Workshops for children, making them aware of feelings, thoughts and behaviour.
  • Workshops for adolescents on similar lines, generation gap problems, relationships, sex education, personality development.
  • Workshops on Premarital Counseling and Enriching marital relationship.
  • Workshops on stress management, REBT, mindfulness.
  • Workshops on parenting skills.
  • Workshops on various types of intelligence.
  • Workshops for special groups like teachers, police officials, defence personnel, sports persons
  • Workshops on aging gracefully.
  • “Mind matters” is operating with the objective of developing positive mental health by promoting development of healthy attitude and lifestyle.

Arts Based Therapy

Arts based therapy (ABT) is the evidence based use of art forms to accomplish individualized goals in a therapeutic relationship. It is based on the Subtle Energy Guide (SEG) which includes Indian psychology and ethics, studies of human development and cognitive neurosciences. ABT uses elements and methods from three artistic media- music, drama and visual arts.

Life Skills


Attention is one of the most basic needs of men and women of all age groups. When this need is not fulfilled, problems start. Then to gain attention, people play games, and love starts to distort in all kinds of relationships, be it parent child, lovers, friends… Hence the most common complaint is : He or she does not give me quality time. When a child is born, or when the spouse is busy building up the business or climbing the ladder at work place (his or her second or should I say 1st baby), attention to each other reduces… If one is aware of this, then a concious effort can be made to give positive attention to the spouse as a way of nourishing the relationship.


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