What do I do when I am feeling low?

When I am feeling low and down, I acknowledge it and understand that this is also a part of life, like the changing seasons of nature.

It is alright to experience various emotions.

Then, I look into the reasons behind the low feelings and see what can I do at this point of time. As I process the experience, I often realise the brilliance behind the experience, that it happened for a reason.

Often I have things to do. So I often rise to the occasion as per the demand of the moment and make a choice to process the feelings later. And when I have time and if the feeling still persists, then I work on it.

Writing about it also helps me gain clarity and insight about it.

If there are no immediate solutions to the situation, I accept that and prepare myself mentally to have patience with it.

Occasionally, I speak to one of my close friends about it. During the sharing also, I get insights.

Taking up a physical activity, like going for a walk, exercising, taking a shower, repairing something in the house which was pending, taking a brief nap also helps me.

Eventually, rather than pushing things under the carpet, I have realized that going through the experience and handling the situation helps. If it is a big task or issue, I try to break it down in smaller tasks and handle one thing at a time. Beginning is an important part of any work or anything. Dare to begin.. Things start rolling.